5 Ways kids develop their emotional milestones

When kids play with their parents, their peer group or toys that is the first method through which they learn how to react to situations, make simple decisions and develop emotional skills.

Often toys are a great way to widen a kid’s emotional development. Sometimes you may notice a kid getting attached to a single toy more than the other. Toys are a great way in which the kid experiences and imitates the people and environment around her through pretend play.

Play is how children learn about and experience the world, say experts.


Therefore, how to build a baby’s first toybox? And what are the essential elements to include. Find out how –

BOOKS:  Read stories to your kid. Early on, when your baby is still developing her vocabulary or speaking skills, reading is a great way to develop a bond with you baby through communication. She benefits from listening not only the language but also the sound of your voice. She feels the warmth of your body.

Be sure to have books as per your baby’s age like board books, cloth books, and bath books.

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TOUCH TOYS: Soft blocks or a doll are a great way to develop baby’s/kid’s motor skills. Dolls have lots of interesting textures and these help your baby develop fine motor control. When the baby tries to pull apart Velcro tabs, or rubs something satin between her fingers, she develops a sense of touch.

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VISUAL TOYS: Any kind of colour contrast attracts a baby’s attention. Hence, black and white may actually be interesting for your baby. It attracts a baby’s attention. Colourful activity mats provide lots to look at. Sometimes, a plastic mirror in the crib can become a source of fascination for a baby till she discovers that the cute baby looking back is herself!

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HEARING AND LISTENING TOYS: Rattles and chime toys can stimulate the senses. It can help your baby learn the differences between sounds and how they are produced.


IMITATION TOYS: A baby likes to imitate her parents or grown ups around her. Playthings such as mini lawn mowers and plastic kitchens serve can be helpful. It helps the kid copy what the big people are doing.


However, here’s a word of caution. As parents, you need to know that a baby associates itself with toys around her. Hence, choosing the right toy is important. After all, babies want to have fun. Also, they don’t always play the way you think they’re going to play.

One important thing to remember is – watch for signals during a baby’s playtime. Let her interact with her toys, dolls and other play things naturally. Encourage her to explore. Let her discover. Let her just be. From the sage toys that you have given her, let her get attached to toys she feels comfortable with.  Moreover, it’s natural that she may get bored with the same old thing after a while. If you observe that introduce a new toy. Something a little more complex.