Brahmavart ghat – A sacred place of creation

Brahmavart – the landing ghat at Kanpur

Welcome to the place, where creation started, aka Brahmavarta.

Brahmavart ghat is in Bithoor city (Uttar Pradesh). As per the Hindu sacred scriptures, Brahmavart Ghat was previously known as Utpalaranya forest.

Brahmavarta, a landing ghat on the Ganga river in the district of Kanpur is commonly called by the locals as the Brahmavarta Tirtha. It is one of the celebrated places of pilgrimage. As a Tirtha it is mentioned in the Mahabharata (III ch. 83.53-54. 84.43); Matsya Purana (22.69) and the Agni Purana.

Brahmavarta ghat. Uttar Pradesh Kanpur

According to the locals and history passed down through word of mouth, Lord Brahma descended here as per the orders of Lord Vishnu. Lord Brahma then had performed a yagya here for the creation and origin of human beings.

Not only that some locals also say that Lord Brahma celebrated the completion of the creation of the Universe by performing an Ashwamedha Yagyan at this place. After the completion of the yagyan, Lord Brahma pounded a nail from his horse’s shoe into the ghat. That sacred peg (Khunti) is still embedded in the ghat and is called Shree Brahma Khunti. Devotees keep coming here for darshan.

Several yogis and sadhaks in the past have made Brahmavarta as their place for intense saadhana. One such sadhaka was know among the locals as LADY OF THE MAT.

There are only two places in India, where Lord Brahma is worshipped. These two Lord Brahma temples are found at – one in Pushkara (Rajasthan), and the other is in Brahmavarta (UP).

Brahmavart linga, aka Brahmeshwar Mahadeva

This ghat also has a Shiva Linga. It was installed by Lord Brahma and to this day it is worshipped as the Brahmeshwar Mahadeva.

Brahmavart Ghat is not only famous for its ancient, historic, sacred and religious values, but it is also famous because, some say that Brahmavart Ghat is the center of the Earth.

According to some rishis/sadhakas, Brahmavarta used to be a place best suited for sadhana. Of course, today the city looks quite different from what it was 100 years ago. A great bathing-fair takes place annually in November at the Brahmavarta ghat. Devotees come to this Ghat and after taking a bath in the river Ganga, worship the khunti of Brahmaji (Shree Brahma Khunti).

Valmiki Ashram near Brahmavarta ghat, Bithur (Bithoor)

Approximately 2 kms from the ghat is Valmiki Ashram. This is the ashram from where Sage Valmiki had created his magnum opus Ramayana. The complex bears many small chambers of religious and historic significance. As mentioned in the Ramayana, this ashrama is the place where Sita mata after returning from exile gave birth to Lav and Kush. In the Valmiki Ashram under the mentorship of Sage Valmiki, Lav and Kush received their education. The ashram has a flight of steps. Locals and faithfuls believe these to be the steps leading to heaven.