CEMCA Skillfest 2023 – Great opportunity to show your skills

What is CEMCA Skillfest 2023? What is NSN Skill Fest 2023?

The First Edition of CEMCA Skillsfest 2023 is a joint initiative of the Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia (CEMCA) regional centre of the Commonwealth of Learning and National Skills Network – NSN, India to create awareness about the growing importance of skills in our lives.

The organisers believe that skills are free from age, nationality, culture, experience and formal education and knowledge is free to share under Open Educational Resources (OER).

Who can participate in CEMCA Skillfest 2023?

Asian Commonwealth countries viz, India, Bangladesh, Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia, Maldives, Pakistan, Singapore, and Sri Lanka can participate in this SKILLFEST 2023.

How will the Skillfest 2023 be organised?

CEMCA Skillfest 2023 is an online festival of skills. Every participant gets to showcase their skills through a short video of 5 minutes. The content generated from the Skillsfest will be included in the CEMCA’s Open Educational Resources (OER) repository for TVET.

How to participate in Skillfest 2023?

You can share your stories of skills through a video; you may wish to showcase your unique skill through a demonstration of a process, a social interaction or a creative activity. Your story can tell us more about your passion, your country or your workplace.

Cemca Skill Fest 2023 dates – Last date of entry in Skillfest 2023

Late entries are not allowed. Please follow the timelines. The last date for submission of your entries is June 15th 2023.

Age group for participation in Skill Fest 2023

Anyone between the age of 11 – 65 years can participate in the CEMCA Skillfest 2023. You can either participate individually or in a team of not more than 3 people.

What are the skills to show in CEMCA Skill fest 2023?

A participant can only showcase skills mentioned in the list.
There are 10 categories one can participate in and submit your entries. Each category has a number of skills to choose from. From the mentioned skills, a participant can submit only one entry.

List of industry sectors/ trades/ skills for the CEMCA Skillfest 2023 –

  • Agriculture – Organic Farming, Horticulture – Gardening, florist, landscaping and floriculture
  • Beauty and wellness – Hair styling and haircut, nail art/makeup, beauty therapy – makeup (bridal makeup)
  • Fashion and apparel– Garment making, embroidery and fabric cutting skills
  • Food processing– Jam making, Food preservation and packaging and Cold storage
  • Green jobs– Renewable energy – Solar panel, Rain water harvesting and Pollution prevention
  • Handicrafts– Papier mache, wood crafts and pottery
  • Handloom and weaving– Handloom weaving, charkha weaving and textile printing
  • Media and entertainment– Document design, video/film making and radio talent
  • Welding– Arc welding and tig welding
  • Woodwork and carpentry– Modular furniture, bamboo furniture and wood furniture

Registration for CEMCA Skill Fest 2023?

Participants can register online for the SKILL FEST 2023 here.


The winning videos will receive awards and certificates from CEMCA in collaboration with NSN and they will form a part of the OER repository.

Instructions to create and share the videos in Skillfest 2023

  • Please do not shoot the videos vertically. Always, try to record your video only in horizontal (landscape) mode
  • The duration of the video should be 5 – 10 mins
  • Participants should strictly follow the time limit for video.
  • Make sure there is enough headroom (space above the person’s head) on the top
  • Ensure that the place is well-lit while you record your video. You can try to shoot in front of a window or door to ensure enough natural light
  • Avoid using the mobile flashlight and try to shoot in the daytime
  • Selfie videos are not acceptable. Please shoot using a tripod or take help from your friends/ family in assisting you
  • If you are recording video outdoors, ensure minimal or no background noise. Do not record video in empty rooms, this will help in eliminating the ambience echo
  • Record your video with the maximum resolution available on your mobile device. Ideally, full HD mode (1080 frame size)
  • If you are recording a video in multiple takes, compile all of them and share the video as a single MP4 file. Do not share multiple video files
  • Please share the video file only in MP4 format
  • Introduce yourself at the beginning of the video. Mention your name, age, country and skill you will be demonstrating in the video
  • Before sharing the video, please name your video file with your name, age, country and skill. For example, if you are Aman from India, whose age is 32 and showcasing the skill of Auto Technician, then your video file name should be Aman_32_India_AutoTechnician
  • The participant should be visible in the video
  • Along with your video, please share any identity proof to confirm your nationality. For example, in case you are from India, participants can share the details of their Aadhaar card, as proof of identity. This is to avoid any imposters and validate the personal information provided in the video
  • Videos submitted in any regional language should have English subtitles