Colouring Book for Kids – How to teach kids to colour and learn words

Children love picture books.

Children love to draw.

But what if you can combine both and turn it into ‘study’ time for them.

That’s when your child will say learning is FUN.

Most parents think that teaching kids is a serious activity. And we usually have a traditional approach to it.

But in my experience, having FUN is as important as STUDY TIME itself.

And what better way to combine STUDY and FUN together than through a picture book.

For example, when my aim is to teach Laura learn to spell words ( the everyday words we commonly use) I get her a picture book that represent the item and the words.

Usually, mothers would open the book and point out the picture and relate it to the words. And so on.

While I also do that.

This is what I do additionally:

Let’s assume I want Laura to learn how to spell the word MOTHER.

The picture book here has an image of the family. And all the members of the family are indicated by spelling.

I tell her to draw the image and write the corresponding word. And write the word 5 times in different colours.

Here, without even knowing, she ends up learning the word.

The next time she draws her mother on a paper, she on her own writes mother or mama.

Do you know why?

I will tell you.

Our brain learns words as images. Research confirms that our brains learn words by training neurons to recognize complete words – not parts of them. Hence, the brain recognises each word as an individual picture.

Obviously, not every word can be learnt through pictures.

Some just have to follow the traditional route.

But the point is this is one way of initiating children to learn. And, more importantly, to get them to feel that reading or study time is nothing but FUN.

It works well for those kids who are restless and do not sit down to study. And we know they will sit down to draw and colour positively.