Correct Posture Tips Kid2Youth: Best study table for my daughter, my son

Kids often endure the consequences and effects of sitting in a poor posture. So, what is the correct posture? If you observe, most children when at their desk, study in a slouching position.  This happens as they concentrate on the reading material in front of them.


Neck pain and headaches are common with students who spend prolonged periods of time sitting at the study table. Well, its time to tell your daughter or son to pay attention to how they sit. As parents, it is on you to correct their posture and guide them.

Best tips on how to sit/study in correct posture are as follows:

  • Always aim that head should be in an upright position. Whether you are reading a book or looking at you computer/laptop screen.
  • A good way to relax while studying is to take deep breaths. It does not matter whether you are sitting or standing. Taking deep breath will calm your brain.
  • If you already feel that neck pain, doctors recommend that you change position regularly while studying. Go from sitting to standing.
  • Shoulders should be relaxed with elbows close to the sides when sitting at the desk.
  • Reading material or the laptop screen should be at eye level. This takes the strain off your neck while reading.
  • Doctors recommend that you take regular 5 minutes breaks every 30 minutes. Walk, stretch and relax to loosen your neck.
  • Did you know that taking breaks can actually increase your productivity and creativity? Experts says that reading or working for long hours without breaks leads to exhaustion and stress.


While studying, we have a tendency to hunch forward. This causes a large increase in pressure at the base of our neck and across our shoulders. As a result, this leads to neck pain and shoulder pain. This also results in pain in the back when you study.

The best feature of Kid2Youth study table and chair is that it grows with your child. As your child graduates from one class to another, the chair and table are adjustable to the child’s height. As children grow, all Kid2Youth desks and chairs can be adjusted to their current height and proportions, which makes them ergonomic at all times.

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