Dora The Explorer – Good, but sometimes not so much?

Hola my friends!

I have loved Dora always. Since the age of 4, my journey with her has been phenomenal.

Be it Grandpa’s house, the gooey geyser or rescuing the animals sometimes, I have enjoyed it all.

Dora the Explorer has a friend named Boosts. Both of them take us through journeys where we end up learning a lot as well.

Quite early, I learnt how to count. I learnt so many names of new animals. Most of all, I learnt how to speak and converse in English. And some Spanish words and counting too.

Dora the Explorer told me that if you want to find a place, map is one of the best ways to see the direction and path.

I learnt that you need to duck your head when there might be a chance of your head hitting something. Not just that, fasten your seatbelt always.

Dora takes you through wonderful journeys of adventure. She teaches we must help our friends in need. Be cordial.

Some of the best episodes are where she rescues cute animals. It teaches me and my friends names of animals, where they come from, whether they are found naturally in a particular place.

One of the biggest things missing is the caution that we cannot just embrace and hold animals around us anywhere or everywhere. Especially not on the streets.

Seeing Dora rescue animals made me bold. I would chase dogs or cats in our neighbourhood just to hold them. I would feel like doing the same as Dora, when I saw dogs on the street.

But No! Stop right there my friends. You cannot hold, play or rescue stray dogs or other animals in the street.

That is what Dora needs to inform the kids too. That such things need to be supervised by elders.

Besides this, I like the show. I like that it is repeated. The episodes are repeated. I like when I can guess what’s coming next.