Effective & Simple Fashion/Modelling Tips For Kids

So, you have decided to make your daughter/son a child model.

Excellent choice!

If she is participating or competing in a modelling event, she needs to be prepared.

Here are simple tips on how to effectively look and pose as a model.

Practice these at homes and you are good to go.


  1. Modelling is mostly about posing in front of the camera. Right! When in front of the camera, do not stare aimlessly. Pose with intensity. Meaning that think of any intense incident in your mind. As a result, your mind will automatically bring out that expression on your face. Let your eyes speak. Create passion for the camera through your eyes. As they say in the modelling world, – Smize (smile with your eyes)!
  1. Stand upright and give your body a certain tension from head to toe. Avoid limping. Always pose with tension in your body. Stand up straight, shoulders back.
  2. Slouching is worse. Do not slouch when in front of the camera or on the runway.
  3. One of the best things to do is have a role model from the modelling industry. Pick a favourite model. Try to follow, imitate and study them. Watch everything about them starting with the way they give expression, to the way they turn their head to their ferocious runway walk.
  4. Practice snapshots at home. Now that you have decided to be in this filed, you must have a beauty shot – full shot, from the middle part of the body to head and from the neck up. Take several photos with a nice camera at home and you will know some of the angles that suit you best. Take one in black and white too.
  5. Get the child excited about this industry. Study, Study and Study.
  6. Before you are ready to face the modelling world, Practice, Practice, Practice – your walk, poses, and faces in the mirror OR the child can practice in front of the parents.
  7. Show off your child’s natural beauty. Minimal make up is best for your kid to bring out the innocence of your child. It means NO nail polish. No eye liner or any kind of foundation.
  8. If your daughter has long hair, pull your hair back so that her face and bone structure is clearly visible.


Few More Tips

Chin Up – There are two benefits to this pose. It will give the impression of an elongated neck. Additionally, it will make a large forehead look smaller.

Knees In – Try this technique if you are a mother. Turn a knee in. This will make your hips appear slimmer.

Emphasize Shoulder – Try this yourself in front of the mirror. Turn your body to the side and now turn your shoulders toward the camera. Posing in this angle will emphasize your shoulders and will also narrow your hips.

Hands on Hips – When you stand with your hands on your hips, it creates a background through your arms, which will make your waist appear smaller. (This is something you can apply to real life too! Try it the next time you walk into a room!)