Hug Cushion Reviews – Craftholic cuddly creatures

Call them cuddly creatures, call them hug cushions or snuggly characters, they sure are made to bring a smile to your face. Presenting cuddly creatures/hug-cushions by Craftholic. We all should possess them. We all need them.

From a Japanese company called Craftholic come three cuddly creatures sure to get plenty of smiles and hugs.

Specifically, Rab the Bunny, Loris the Monkey, and Sloth the Bear are no ordinary stuffed animals. Ranging in size from 36 to 43 inches tall, these snuggly characters are larger than your average teddy bear.

Rather, their size makes them adorable. They’re also soft, snuggly and uniquely shaped to double as a place for kids to rest their sleepy heads at bedtime.

Created by Tokyo-based designer, Ikuko Yamamoto, each large as life Craftholic character is brimming with personality and signature Japanese styling.

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Bear hugs, anyone? Or perhaps you’d rather a bunny or monkey hug?

These are adorable ultra plush pillow companions for all ages. Made with ‘ultra soft exterior’, these are flat shape ideal for bedtime cuddling comfort.

These are the dimensions they are available in : Multi-Dot Rab: 15″ x 43″; Border Sloth: 17″ x 38″; Multi-Stripe Loris: 15″ x 36″; Multi-Stripe Sherbet Sloth: 17″ x 38″

You can get them HERE and HERE.

Hug away!

Should I buy a hug cushion? (I guess you are asking this?)

Yes you should. Don’t have second thoughts.

Hug cushions are great way to feel cozy and comfortable any time of the day.

If you live alone, you definitely need not one, but two hug cushions.

If you live with family, you still need one as while watching television or sitting in the balcony, it is not realistically possible that someone is always hugging you.

It’s a great way to feel the warmth of your loved one when s/he is away.

It is a great way to make your child feel your hug when you are travelling for work.