Hungry Henry – How to feed vegetables to kids?

It’s easy. When I was two years old (now I am 6 years old), I learnt how to eat vegetables from Henry.

Who is Henry?

And how did I learn eating vegetables and fruits from him?

Hungry Henry is a cat on Baby TV who loves to eat vegetables and fruits. He also loves to eat eggs, fish and chicken.

Every day, Henry would visit George, his friend who is Chef. George would create nice and tasty vegetable and fruit dishes for Henry.

Looking at those colourful fruits and vegetables, I would always ask my mother if she can make tasty dishes out of vegetables too.

Farms grow fruits and vegetables. Through supermarkets, we buy the freshly picked farm produce that come from the fields.

Henry repeatedly told me this fact.

And eggs! I learnt that chickens lay the eggs. The chickens nest and lay eggs at chicken coop or hen house. The eggs then are made available to us through supermarkets.

The warm milk that Henry likes to drink comes from milk farm.

I also learnt that we must try new fruits and vegetable everyday.

Hungry Henry is a 5 minute episode on Baby TV.

But watching it repeatedly helped me –

  • It generated my curiosity towards fruits and vegetables.
  • And I felt like eating them, because Henry made it look interesting.
  • It taught me the names of lots of fruits and vegetables when I was just 2 ½ years old.
  • The next time I went to the market with mom, I always picked those fruits and vegetables.
  • Of course I didn’t always like the taste.
  • But I at least tried them once every time. (It’s a good start right)

Quite early, I was introduced to many fruits and vegetables. This taught me that I need to eat something different everyday like Henry. Also that colourful vegetables and fruits are good for health.

So all you friends and mama’s, do check out the Hungry Henry episodes on Baby TV. It is a wonderful way to teach your kids to accept fruits and vegetables.

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