Register For Indian Computing Olympiad 2024

If computing, programming and coding excites you, then you must participate in Indian Computing Olympiad (IOC).

Stages for Indian Computing Olympiad 2024

The first round of the IOC is in two parts.

  1. The Zonal Informatics Olympiad (ZIO) is a written exam. It is held at centres across the country.
  2. The Zonal Computing Olympiad (ZCO) is a programming exam held at centres across the country. The programming languages supported are C, C++, Java and Python.

Students can write either ZIO or ZCO or both and qualify through either exam for the second round.

Eligibility – Indian Computing Olympiad 2024 for school children

Any student from any school board across India is eligible to participate. It is open to all (school students). Any student registered in school upto class 12 during the academic year 2023-2024 is eligible to take part in ICO during 2023-2024.


There is no lower age limit for participation.

To participate, you must still be an existing student in school.

If you have completed Class 12, you are no longer eligible.

You are also not eligible if you have taken a break and are not enrolled in college, or if are planning to redo your Class 12 exams for improvement.

If Computing Olympiad does not interest you, students can also participate in SkillFest 2023 organised by CEMCA.

How to prepare for Indian Computing Olympiad 2024 (Syllabus)?

The syllabus for ZIO and ZCO is the list of Basic Topics in the Online Study Material

You can find the study material for INDIAN COMPUTING OLYMPIAD here.

Registration – Indian Computing Olympiad 2024 for school children


Registration for Zonal Informatics Olympiad (ZIO) -2024 and Zonal Computing Olympiad (ZCO)-2024 will open around 1 October, 2023.

In September, 2023 ICO will announce more details. We will keep updating this page for latest details on registration soon.

Contact Details – Indian Computing Olympiad 2024

Please write to Madhavan Mukund, National Coordinator, Indian Computing Olympiad at if you have any questions or clarifications.

About the Indian Computing Olympiad

IARCS organises the IOC and it is a nationwide competition held annually. The goal of the competition is to identify school students with outstanding skills in algorithms and computer programming.

The IOC selects a team of four students to represent India at the International Olympiad for Informatics (IOI). IOI is one of the twelve International Science Olympiads held annually. Other prominent Science Olympiads include Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Astronomy.