Jalebi Street Review – A tribute to Holi, the festival of colours with Bubble

Hi Friends, the festival of Holi is soon approaching. I saw the episode on Holi Festival on Jalebi Street today. Most importantly, all you kids need to prepare for the same.

Do you know Holi is a traditional Hindu festival? It celebrates the beginning of spring as well as the triumph of good over evil. It is best known around the world for the coloured powder used by friends on each other, leaving festival goers coated in colour by the end of the day.



Because of that and the fact that I want to play a perfect Holi this year, I learnt something wonderful today from Bubble and her mother living on the Jalebi Street.

It’s about making water balloons. Bubble’s mother tells us in few easy steps how to make water balloons. Here’s how-

First, fill the balloon with water.

Second, holding it with one hand, make a gun sign with another hand.

Then wrap the pointer around the finger nice. Tuck inside and pull the pointer or opening of the balloon tight to seal it.

There, you have it! You water balloon is ready to play.

Above all, Bubble’s mother also tells us how to mix different colours to make new and amazing colours out of them.

Did you know mixing red and blue gives you purple?

Mixing red and white gives you pink.

Mixing yellow and red gives us the colour orange.

Furthermore, the festival of Holi is all about spending time with family, friends and having Indian mithai (sweets).

Everyone on Jalebi Street celebrated this festival playing with numerous colours. I can’t wait to play Holi this year just like Bubble, Krish and their friends.

It is so colourful.

I’m waiting for Bubble to tell me more about Holi, as the festival approaches. Moreover, I plan to dress like Bubble on Holi, if that’s possible in any way. And, above all, I want to have all the wonderful fun that Jalebi Street people have playing with colours.

(About the author – As narrated by Jr. Editor. She is 6 yrs old.)