Jalebi Street Review – It’s all about Indian culture and tradition

For kids, learning about Indian culture and tradition just got easier. Ask how? The answer is Jalebi Street, a cartoon series for kids.

Jalebi Street is a fictional India community. All the episodes are set in this context of cultural mix. People in that locale live in amity.

Because of the cultural mix on Jalebi Street, we get to see a lot of festivity.

Each episode gives a glimpse of certain Indian culture.


The episodes cover diverse topics. Starting from traditional Indian clothes, to Bhangra & Ballet, to Salaam Namaste, to the episode on Indian Desserts and much more.

Also, every episode teaches something interesting about India.

Certainly, there is need for such cultural programs. It is an easy, cogent and fun way to teach kids the basics of Indian tradition and culture at an early age.

The jingle of Jalebi Street is catchy. Listen to the jingle here. It has been getting avid reviews from all viewers.

In particular, the episode called Stretchy Yoga is engaging. It is a cheerful way to tackle child obesity. Above all, Yoga is best for kids in the long run. Kids benefit from staying active.

Hence, the show blends aspects of Indian tradition and culture with present-day lives of families living in metros. Indian parents living across the globe are also rating the themes of Jalebi Street Cartoon series high.

Moreover, if we observe, kids in metros have a great deal of western culture. Most parents don’t mind their kids living a life of ‘western influence’.

But, Jalebi Street makes the case for Indian culture and tradition joyful.

Indian culture and tradition should not be lost.

Indian kids across the globe need to rejoice Indian festivals and feel that cultural connect.


The episodes are spot on in driving home the cultural mix of India.

Due to these factors, the channel has got rave reviews from around the world. Indian parents across the globe demand more episodes that connect their child to their roots.