Jalebi Street Reviews – Yoga episode and benefits of Yoga

Friends, I write to you about my experiments with Yoga today.

I was inspired by Jalebi Street Yoga episode. In fact, episodes like these make me fall in love with Jalebi Street and the Kapoor family.

So, why Yoga? Is it for kids of my age?

The answer is YES.


But of course, you need to know which are the ‘asanas’ that you can practice.

Doing the right asana can help improve concentration. It can also help improve memory.

That is what I saw Bubble doing on the Jalebi Street – Stretchy Yoga Episode.


Her father tells her to focus, focus and focus. Hence, at one point she does focus and it helps her get into that concentration mode.

Because of which Bubble was able to perform the Yoga asana.

Yoga is excellent for kids and for the entire family.

Bubble’s mother and father also seem to enjoy doing Yoga.

So all you parents and my friends include Yoga in your daily routine.

Start with simple exercises. Help your children with breathing and memory building asanas.

Moreover, isn’t there a saying – healthy mind in a healthy body?

But parents, here’s the thing, when teaching or telling your kid to do Yoga asanas, do it with them. Don’t just tell them. Or don’t just explain it to them.

Show them. Demonstrate it to them.

Kids enumerate better when they learn by example. Kids follow better with their eyes, than ears.

Including Yoga in your daily life is one of the best ways to live healthy. For kids, it improves their ability to focus. It also initiates them to adopt a healthy lifestyle quite early in their life. For parents, it helps them manage their stress level better.

Let Happy Yoga time become Happy and Healthy Family Time!

Mrs Kapoor from Jalebi Street, thanks for introducing me to Yoga.

( Author – As narrated by our Junior Editor. She is 6 yrs old.)