Jalebi Street Reviews – Why I like it, but my mom…not so much!

I like Jalebi Street. I think of the characters as my friends. They are colourful. They are friendly. And they love to share.

I wish some of my friends from the play park were like that.

Bubble, Krish, Bunny….

They have so much to tell about my country India. Its festivals. All about Indian sweets and so much more.

My mom and Ama (my aunt) – they don’t allow me to watch it.

And I have no idea why!

Although the way Bubble, Bunny and others speak is a lot different from how Shimmer & Shine or Dora speaks. Also very different from how my teacher in school speaks.

I remember Ama and mom asking me not to pick up the English pronunciations from Jalebi Street.

The other day after school, when I wanted to watch Jalebi Street, they changed the channel.

I’m still upset about that.

I asked my mom WHY? This is what she said –

I like the little friends of Jalebi Street. But I just don’t want you to pick up their pronunciation. It is just Hindi spoken as English.

But I said that I learn so much about Indian festivals and ‘mithai’ and Yoga.

I really wish they change the pronunciation, so that not just me, but friends from around the world also watch, understand and learn about rich Indian culture and tradition. Just like Dora – where I learn so many things.

In my television it features in Nick Junior channel.

But I still say – I like Jalebi Street, let my Mom not like it!

(Author – As narrated by our Junior Editor. She is 6 yrs old.)