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Millet Business Ideas & More

We will never know how the immunity building super foods ‘millets’ went missing from our plates. But what we do know is that millets are back. However, are we aware of the real nutritional values these super grains pack? What business opportunities these grains offer? How entrepreneurs can build their startups in this sector? And many more questions. Answers to these and many more questions related to millets are easily found in the book MILLET BUSINESS IDEAS. The author of the book is a certified millet advisor – Tapas Chandra Roy.


The tone of Roy’s book is primarily hopeful and encouraging for entrepreneurs who are considering this sector for business opportunities. It is relevant for entrepreneurs, farmers, consumers and all other stakeholders. It is especially useful for startups who want to have a fair idea about this grain before launching their businesses.

‘Not just from farm to plate, my vision is to take “millets to millions” of people across the country. Creating awareness is important. Millets are superfoods packed with micronutrients, proteins and phytochemicals’, says Roy.


As the world celebrates International Year of Millets, it has ushered in a new era for farmers. Therefore the book acts as a bridge between new markets, consumers and millet farmers.

Millet Business Ideas With Success Stories

The book’s most compelling section is Part 3. It covers the topic MILLET BUSINESS IDEAS WITH SUCCESS STORIES. This section deals with topics like – Millet value addition, Millet Milk: An alternative to dairy milk, Millet based hotel industry and millet cloud kitchen, Millet cutlery – Improving hygiene and saving earth from waste and pollutions, Bird Feed Industry: Meeting the nutritional needs of pet birds and animals.


Going forward, this section also covers topics like Establishing millet primary processing unit, Millet bakery unit, Millet baby food products, Millet export business, Millet social entrepreneurship, Organic and natural millets, Millet recipes, Millet beverages industry. Part 3 features many success stories and unique business ideas based on millets.

Millets for all

For those seeking details on these grain, the book lists the nutritional value of each millet in Part 1. The author demystifies myths and beliefs about millets.

Part 2 covers the current trends in millets. In response to the changing times, Part 4 covers a relevant topic called – Growing millet business digitally. It provides solutions on how to establish millet branding online.

Moreover, if you want to know the Government and institutional support for millet business, Part 5 of the book has you covered. It details on the state and central government schemes for millet startups.


What are the points to consider before setting up a business in millet sector? The answer lies in Part 6 of the book. It mentions the challenges and how to overcome them.

The book is a powerful asset for startup founders who are exploring business ideas; for entrepreneurs who want to branch out to millet business; for mothers who want to know more about millets and how to start including these grains in daily meals; also for B.Sc agriculture students who want to explore farming as an option after their studies and for those who want to know this sector and what it offers.

About The Author – Tapas Chandra Roy

MILLETS BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES 1Tapas Chandra Roy is a Certified Farm Advisor on Millets recognized by the National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management (MANAGE) and Indian Institute of Millets Research (IIMR), Hyderabad.

Currently, he is working as Block Agriculture Officer-cum-Deputy Project Director, ATMA in the Department of Agriculture and Farmers’ Empowerment, Government of Odisha.  The Department of Agriculture has awarded Roy as the Best Extension Official under Odisha Millet Mission for promoting millets.

He is the winner of GLOBAL SUSTAINABILITY AWARD 2022 from Global Council for the Promotion of International Trade.

As a millet ambassador, Roy is promoting millets from ‘Farm to Plate’ so that this nutrition loaded superfood reaches across the country. He is on a mission to take the millets to millions. With a vision to reach millions, Roy is looking after the implementation of Odisha Millet Mission at the ground level. To achieve Millet Mission target, he is helping farmers from sowing to harvesting by imparting training and providing advisory services.