Mumbai Goa Luxury Cruise Ship Reviews – Best Holiday Trip For Kids

This winter, plan an exciting luxury trip with your kids on Angriya, the cruise ship that will sail from Mumbai to Goa. Yes, you heard it right!

From the first week of October 2018, the Mumbai-Goa cruise service is likely to begin its journey. It will operate on alternate days from each destination. The ticket will start from Rs 7500. The fare will include charges for transportation, stay, high tea, dinner, breakfast and swimming pool.


During its trial run in May this year, the cruise vessel has passed all tests, including rough weather.
Although, during the monsoon season, the ship will not operate along this route. However, it will serve as a floating hotel in Mumbai.
Seven bars, two restaurants, a spa and souvenir shop adorn this cruise ship.

Tourists planning a lavish getaway from Mumbai to Goa can certainly board this luxury cruise as an alternate travel option. Most noteworthy, En route, the ship will not halt at any place.

The cruise ship can accommodate 400 passengers. Angriya is named after Admiral Kanhoj Angre, the first notable admiral of the Maratha naval fleet and the great coral reef – the Angria bank.

During the sail, passengers will also be able to enjoy the views along the coastal lines of Konkan and Goa.