Play with Masha and The Bear

Adventures of little Masha are lively. Full of fervour. She lives near the forest. But so does the Bear, who is a retired circus bear, looking for peace in the forest. He has happily settled in the woods untill Masha comes along, daily.

She is the perfect example of a tiny little girl anywhere, who doesn’t like to play by the rules, becuase she is too young to know the rules.

Everything about Masha is impulsive. She reacts to things and circumstances with her childish verve. Her energy and vitality is fun to watch. Though she goes overboard sometimes.

Now should you expect a little girl her age to behave? I’m no one to say.

But, most of the time, children her age are still getting to know the world around them. They are in an experimental phase. Hence we see Masha’s reactions to Bear and how she treats things around his house. We may choose to call it naughty. Or we may choose to call Masha a curious child. Either ways, the show is hilarious.

Her wonderful adventures can cheer up any child. Our 7 year old editor at All About Reviews loves to watch the show.

Although by now our little editor kind of knows the right from the wrong, she still experiements a few things after learning from Masha.

Well some parents may say that most of the stories of Masha show her in destructive mode, where she is either breaking things, literally turning Bear’s house upside down, testing Bear’s patience whenever possible. But, she is also a child with curiosity overload.

As our little editor observes, the stories always end with Masha doing something good for others and the Bear. So the lessons are there in any case. Although after the adventures are over.

Masha is always seen realising her mistakes and correcting them in the end.

(Partly narrated by our 7 years old little editor.)