Salad Days Reviews: Salads that kids will enjoy

If feeding salad to your kid needs to be fun, then this is where you can get it – Salad Days.
Not only are the combinations of salads at Salad Days refreshing, but they are also appealing to your eyes as well.
Colourful and tasty, they make you want to eat more. Here we share a quick Salad Day reviews and make a list of our 3 best picks from their non-vegetarian salad menu. Why? Because, you must try them. Furthermore, it’s authentic. The concept of Salad Days is simple: delicious salads, served as comfort food. Not as ‘side dish’.
Finally, Salad Days believes that “Salad is not a side dish… Good salads are nutritious, tasty and filling.”

So, here’s our list –

First on our list is – Chicken Pasta Salad.


Well there is a reason for that. Who does’t love pasta? Kids definitely do. You make a pasta concoction with anything (of course it has to be tasty) and they will try it. And like it too.
This Chicken Pasta Salad offered by Salad Days is a great option for kids. It combines smoked chicken, sweet corn, cherry tomatoes, the colourful bell peppers, black olives and also lastly the whole wheat pasta. Can it get any more healthier? Maybe not! Because kids simply love pasta.
Furthermore, the dressing of balsamic vinaigrette blends the entire combination into a single dish. Multi-grain bread rolls also come with this salad.

Second, is the Seafood Salad.


Let’s be honest. Put prawns on anything, and it will taste good.
Similarly, this dish is packed with veg and ‘health’. This plate is so delicious, any sea food eater would
enjoy it. The dish combines prawns, basa fish, assorted lettuce, bell peppers, baby greens, cherry tomatoes with lemon parsley vinaigrette, which also has a good balance of tartness. It comes
with multi-grain bread rolls.

Third on our list is the Roasted Chicken Salad.


The tender, pan grilled chicken just melts in your mouth. This salad combines crisp lettuce greens, colourful peppers, black olives and red onions. The honey Dijon dressing just brings the whole salad together. Finally, it is also served with multi-grain bread rolls.