Study table for my daughter, my son – Why posture matters?

Is your kid studying on the bed? Or on the sofa? Or may be on the dinning table? And you are constantly worrying why my daughter or my son does not concentrate on study? Well may be it is time to get your daughter or son the perfect study table that fits like a glove.

Yes, you heard it!
Study tables and chairs should fit like a glove. Because they help you achieve a healthy sitting posture. And for that it must be possible to adjust the workstation. Both the chair and the desk should be adjustable to the child’s height and proportions.


For proper posture, adjusting the furniture starts with the chair.

Adjust the seat height of chair such that the front edge of the seat is roughly level with the back of the knees.


The kid’s feet should be flat on the floor. Hence, the seat height is right when the angle between the thigh and the trunk is approximately 100 degrees.


To sit upright, tilt the seat slightly to the front. In this position, the child remains focussed at the work station. The pelvis is tilted slightly forward and the back is straight.

A flexible seat also encourages dynamic sitting.

The best posture to sit is when your thighs rest completely against the front edge of the seat. Adjust the seat depth accordingly.

The gap between the front edge of the chair and the calf should be about the width of four fingers. Because this ensures unhindered blood circulation in the legs.

The height of the backrest is set so that the trunk is supported all the way up to just below the shoulder blades. This relieves pressure when leaning back.

The second step is to adjust the height of the desk.

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To adjust the height of the desk, place the arms on the desktop. Adjust the height of the desk until the child’s elbows are at an angle of slightly more than 90 degrees.

The lower arms should rest on the desktop when working. This ensures that the neck and shoulder muscles remain relaxed.

Kid2Youth offers all these advantages and benefits of a perfect study table. Be it for your daughter or for your son. They offer perfect study table ‘Furniture which Grows with your Child’.

All Kid2Youth desks and chairs can be adjusted to the current height and proportions of the child. This makes them ergonomic at all times.

Being able to adjust the position of the backrest and the seat depth are as important as adjusting the height of the desk and chair.

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