Why teddy bears are popular first toys for kids?

Teddy bears are often popular first toys of babies. It becomes a toy of emotional significance as they gradually grow. Sometimes adults remember particular teddies with affection as it relates to an important emotional journey of their childhood.

Sometimes a baby attributes a special value to a certain teddy, toy or doll.  It can be objects like a soft blanket, a teddy bear, a doll. The special object is called ‘transitional object’.

As a result, a child feels safe while associating to a teddy or doll. Therefore, dependence on such objects is rooted in sensorial elements. Attachments to these objects lessen the stress of separation, while they also soothe and comfort the child.

Toys, teddies or dolls carry personal smell of the child because they are regularly cuddled. Emotional memory has a strong relation to smell. The child finds the teddy comforting as she has cuddled, hugged, played or slept with her teddy bear for long thereby leaving her own personal aroma on to the toy.

Teddies’ soft feel makes them huggable. They usually have a large faces that gives them a personality. Children find it easier to transfer feelings onto them. This can act as a substitute for a play mate or friend when they are playing alone or have worries they want to share.

However, it does not mean teddies or dolls can ever take the place of a caring adult. Cuddly toys can help a child relax and get a good night’s sleep.

Children are sometimes afraid that their worries are silly. They feel adults won’t understand if they shared. Parents need to be patient with their children. Listening with patience is a great way to comfort and assure your child. It makes the child feel safe. She feels she can share her worries with adults or parents. However, the very fact that teddies or toys don’t answer back also makes them great listeners.  Children are often able to work through their problems by saying them out loud to their cuddly toys.

What can parents do?

When spending time with your child or may be reading a story book, let the child cuddle the teddy bear. This will help the child associate the teddy with positive feelings of security. She will also learn to relate it to calmness, love and happiness. Therefore, cuddling it can recreate those feelings and help a child cope with challenges they face even when the parent is not there.

This self-chosen teddy or doll by the child provides comfort, solace, predictability and constancy to the child’s world.

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