The visual economy report – 13 Best highlights

To help organizations better understand the drivers and impact of visual communication, Canva launches The Visual Economy Report. Following are the key highlights –

Canva surveyed 1,600 business leaders from the ​US, UK and Australia about how they’re ​approaching design principles to drive ​business efficiency, creativity, audience ​engagement and greater economic impact.

  • The majority of global business leaders agree ​that visual communication methods increase ​efficiency (90%), enhance collaboration (89%) ​and carry more authority than other methods ​of communication (85%).
  • With teams and workplaces more global than ever, visual communication is enabling productivity, team culture and collaboration. Organizations want teams to be able to collaborate, share ideas and scale the creative process wherever they are in the world.
  • 89% believe visual communication tools help customers stay engaged with presented materials.
  • Nearly all global business leaders (89%) agree that visual communication methods have helped remote and hybrid team members connect with each other.
  • You can find the complete VISUAL ECONOMY REPORT HERE.
  • Design is now expected of non-designers. Nearly two-thirds (61%) of global business leaders say those in non-design roles are expected to have extensive design knowledge – think the ability to create new graphics, GIFs, and presentations from scratch.
  • Every business is now a content business making design literacy critical for all employees. What was once considered a specialized skill has become foundational for billions of everyday professionals worldwide.
  • Nearly two-thirds of ​global business leaders (64%) say that ​their company lacks a streamlined visual ​design software platform and over half ​agree their content is neither aesthetically ​pleasing (53%) nor consistent (56%).
  • About one-third of global business leaders (32%) have an increased desire for communicating using visuals and want their company to use more quick-to-consume visuals (29%) when interacting at work.
  • Data storytelling is becoming an increasingly critical part of visual communication for many organisations across many industries.

Visual Economy Report – Business Leaders

  • 86% of global business leaders are favourable to using data visualisation when creating plans and presentations.
  • 88% agree that visual communication tools have accelerated sales cycles.
  • 90% of global business leaders use digital whiteboards at least once a week.