Where is Walt Disney World? Reviews – Disney World For Boys, Girls

Considered to be the world’s biggest theme park, Walt Disney World in Florida is every child’s dream destination. It is a magical place. A place where fairy tales come to life.

As we all know, Walt Disney secretly assembled the land the Central Florida in early 60’s. Eventually, the big announcement of Disney’s theme park came in 1965. And six years later the Magic Kingdom opened.

More than 40 years later, Disney World continues to attract visitors from all over the world. It has transformed the state into a world destination and has given a unique identity.


Where is Walt Disney World? is a brilliant book for both parents and kids. It takes you through the history and making of the ‘Most Magical Place on Earth’.

The author Joan Holub also takes readers both behind the scenes and underneath the park. There are secret employee only tunnels under the Magic Kingdom.

The book Where is Walt Disney World? is loaded with fun facts.

If you are someone who has visited the Disney World already, reading this book will transport you to the Magic Land.

If you are someone who wants to visit Disney Land in future, you must read this book, to get a preview of the excitement that awaits you.

The book is entertaining and full of engaging facts. As you read on, you discover not only the history, but also how the Disney brothers made their dreams can come true.

The book is enjoyable, fun and inspiration, all at once.

The author Joan Holub has beautifully created the history of Magic Kingdom.

Enjoy the exciting journey. This book is a must buy for all.